Farm profits squeezed by Agflation
Michael Haverty, explains why farmers are worse off despite record output prices for milk and beef
20 April 2022 Northern Ireland
UK trade experts ‘green light’ Australia deal
The Trade and Agriculture Commission was set up to advise the UK government on trade deals.
16 February 2022 News
Rees Mogg appointment could add to protocol difficulties
The more the UK diverge from EU standards, the greater the level of checks and bureaucracy with the protocol, writes Richard Bruton.
Tariff suspension scheme launched for agri imports
The scheme is designed to address the high costs of some raw materials and intermediate products which have to be imported from outside of the European Union.
1 January 2022 News
NI protocol: origin debate still to come
As the UK and EU continue to wrestle with the Northern Ireland protocol on goods entering NI from Britain, it will apply the other way round when the UK applies its own border controls.
27 December 2021 News