Northern Ireland
MPs question UK strategy in NZ trade deal
David Wright
The UK trade deal with New Zealand removes tariffs on the likes of beef, lamb, butter and cheese.
12 October 2022 News
Deregulation and what it means for UK farming
UK cabinet ministers insisted at the recent Conservative Party conference that a planned deregulation of farming was a priority for the British government.
23 September 2022 Northern Ireland
UK free trade agreements not helpful to farmers north or south – Poots
Although risks are posed to farmers across the island of Ireland, NI Agriculture Minister Edwin Poots does not suspect that the volumes of imports from Australia or NZ will be as high as anticipated.
'Energy supply to the food chain must be prioritised'
Food Drink Ireland director Paul Kelly explains that the current challenges for food processors are very similar to those of food producers.
14 September 2022 News
Irish pork granted access to South Korea in EU deal - but not poultry
Pigmeat from Ireland and 13 other EU countries has been granted access to the South Korean market.
5 September 2022 Pigs
New Zealand increases access to EU market
New Zealand follows trade deal with the UK by concluding negotiations with the EU which gives them increased access to the EU market for agri produce.
6 July 2022 News
Farm profits squeezed by Agflation
Michael Haverty, explains why farmers are worse off despite record output prices for milk and beef
1 June 2022 News