Time to take stock of €100m European Innovation spend
Jack Kennedy
Almost €100m to be spent on European Innovation Partnership (EIP) projects from 2023.
30 November 2022 Viewpoints
Dempsey at Large: Unfair trading practices
If the beef industry is going to be investigated for unfair trading practices, there would seem to be plenty of scope.
30 November 2022 News
Appointment of Agri Food Regulator getting closer
Another step forward in slow process of appointing an Agri Food Regulator .
‘Farmers shouldn’t have to protest to get a fair price’
The Government's spend of €4m on a regulator must protect farmers and primary food producers, the IFA has said.
28 November 2022 News
Fines of up to €10m for companies that engage in unfair trading practices
Some €4m has been allocated next year for the establishment of the regulator, as was announced in Budget 2023.
27 November 2022 News
Potato growers need ‘fair share’ of retail price - IFA
The IFA has called for potato growers to receive a fair share of the retail price for their produce and warned of rising input costs and uncertainty.
22 November 2022 News
More talk than action on Unfair Trading Practices
So far, we have had lots of talk about Unfair Trading Practices legislation and setting up the Office for Fairness and Transparency, but farmers will judge on results, not sentiment.
19 October 2022 News
Oireachtas ag committee pushes to give food ombudsman sharper teeth
The joint Oireachtas committee on agriculture is seeking a number of amendments to Minister McConalogue’s bill that is to set up the food ombudsman’s office.
10 October 2022 News
New food ombudsman CEO job description published
The Department of Agriculture is seeking applicants who have a minimum five years experience in the agriculture, food, drink or horticulture sectors or in the public service.
7 October 2022 News
Food ombudsman office to be ‘up and running’ by year end - minister
The recruitment process for a CEO of the office is also under way, the minister confirmed.
1 October 2022 News
Food prices should pay farmers ‘to a level that makes sense’ - Taoiseach
The Office for Fairness and Transparency in the Agri Food Supply Chain will allow farmers to see better returns from food sales, an Taoiseach suggested.
22 September 2022 News
Proposal to abolish UK’s supermarket watchdog
Role of Groceries Code Adjudicator in UK comes under review as Irish authority ramps up awareness campaign for its role.
27 July 2022 News