Beginners' tips for setting up grazing paddocks
Kieran Mailey
For farmers considering paddock grazing to improve grass utilisation, outlined are some tips to get up and running.
20 April 2022 Management
Thrive: transitioning calves to once-a-day feeding
Once-a-day feeding can provide many benefits in a calf rearing system both in terms of labour efficiency and animal performance once management is correct.
31 December 2021 Buildings
Well-designed sheep housing 25% more efficient
Teagasc sheep specialist Damian Costello highlights the important aspects which can enhance animal performance while significantly reducing labour requirements.
Clean drinking water - the forgotten part of winter feeding
Housed cattle need a constant supply of clean drinking water, especially animals on a high dry matter diet.
30 November 2021 Management
Beef management: Five farm maintenance jobs for winter
Late autumn and winter is a good time to carry out some farm maintenance work. Outlined are five jobs that apply to most farms.
20 November 2021 Management
Health and husbandry central to top lamb performance
The economics of finishing lambs indoors can quickly unravel where disease is allowed to establish or inferior animal husbandry is practised.
Making the most of the feed on your farm
Winter performance does not have to be purchased in a bag- there is plenty of potential sitting on-farm already.
6 October 2021 Management
Dairy Management: closing paddocks and getting ready for winter
Aidan Brennan says paddocks with a high clover content should be closed last in order to prevent them from being shaded out over the winter.
6 October 2021 Management
Beef management: five tips to get cattle sheds ready for housing
Housing cattle is likely to get under way in a few weeks' time. Following the outlined tips will make sure sheds are ready for when cattle have to come indoors.
18 September 2021 Management
Beef management: five jobs to have cattle housing ready for winter
While housing is still a few weeks away, a wet autumn can force farmers to bring cattle inside earlier than planned. Outlined are five jobs to focus on in September to have sheds ready for winter.
21 August 2021 Management
Farmer Writes: production and hours worked on farm
In September 2020 Kieran Sullivan started writing down how many hours per day he spends on the farm.
4 August 2021 Farmer Writes
Sheep Management: high temperatures continue to dominate management practices
While temperatures are forecast to drop back significantly over the weekend there is still caution needed to bring animals through the higher temperatures unaffected.
21 July 2021 Management