Weekend weather: wind and rain as unsettled spell continues
Barry Murphy
According to Met Éireann, wet and windy conditions will continue through the weekend, with some reprieve on Sunday evening.
9 March 2022 News
Beef Management: is it time to panic on fertiliser purchases?
The latest advice for fertiliser purchases, wet weather management and making sure vaccinations are in before breeding commences.
2 October 2021 Management
Thrive weekly roundup: wet weather management and Mayo farm update
Poor weather has seen conditions become more difficult over the last few days. This week's roundup looks at management tips for grazing during wet weather and an update from a Mayo programme farm.
Wet weather grazing management on beef farms
Constant and heavy rainfall throughout Thursday and into Friday morning has seen some farmers forced to rehouse cattle. Declan Marren looks at some options for wet weather management.
21 May 2021 Management
Tetany issues on beef farms as weather takes a turn
Beef editor Adam Woods has some advice for farmers on tetany.
1 April 2021 Management
Dairy management: winter returns - where to put the strip wire?
Allocating grass for 12-hour grazings is a key skill. Aidan Brennan explains where to put the wire.
5 October 2020 Management
Home Farm: field bridge clogs up in rain
As a temporary measure we excavated out another channel to link up the stream on both sides of the bridge.
19 February 2020 Opinion
Lambing activity picking up in Athenry demo flocks
A slower start to lambing is helping overcome weather challenges in Athenry but a spike in births is expected next week.
8 March 2017 Grass & feeding
Sheep farming management notes
This week's management notes cover wet weather management, introducing feed early to triplet-bearing ewes, treating sheep scab and wool handling and shearing courses.
6 January 2016 Management
Sheep Farming Management Notes
This week's management notes cover advice on dealing with weather difficulties, supplementing lambs and winter shearing.
9 December 2015 Management
Watch: Testing conditions for grazing in Derrypatrick herd
Heavy rainfall in recent days has led a deterioration in ground conditions and is putting further pressure on the Derrypatrick Herd spring grazing plan.
30 November -0001 Grass & feeding
Snow damage to sheep flocks still not apparent
The consequences of heavy snowfall for farmers with sheep in yards are known but it is early days to establish how outwintered flocks and in particular hill flocks have been affected.
30 November -0001 Management