Significant fodder shortages across south and east
Declan O'Brien
A Teagasc survey found that 10% of farmers in the east and southeast had used more than 20% of their winter feed stocks during the summer drought.
31 August 2022 News
East-West fodder market turned on its head
The traditional scenario of an abundance of feed in the east and farmers in the west being tight on winter fodder has been well and truly turned on its head this year.
24 August 2022 Management
Dairy Management: alternative approach to the grass deficit
Aidan Brennan looks at an alternative approach to dealing with the soil moisture deficit and poor grass growth problems.
Beef Management: dealing with drought and under-16-month bull targets
Adam Woods has the latest tips for drystock farms in this week’s beef management notes.
24 August 2022 Management
Silage scheme cutting deadline must be pushed back - Macra
Farmers must preserve fodder by 5 September to be eligible for payment under the scheme.
23 August 2022 News
Dairy management: grass deficits linger
Most farms in Munster and Leinster are still looking for rain, writes dairy editor Aidan Brennan.
22 August 2022 Management
Time to work out how much silage is currently on farm
Livestock farmers should try to work out if there is enough silage to last the winter and, if not, plan for a small third cut or take steps to reduce demand this winter.
16 August 2022 Management
Home Farm: Making the most of the fine weather
We barely had the oilseed rape completed with the straw chopped when I got a text saying that the specialised combine was on the way to tackle the gluten-free oats.
10 August 2022 Viewpoints
Overdraft use by farmers at lowest level in five years
Farmer use of overdraft facilities is down with Bank of Ireland and AIB this year.
3 August 2022 News