Pay tillage farmers to grow catch crops – ICSA
Barry Murphy
The ICSA says the Government needs to actively encourage more partnerships between the tillage and livestock sectors.
24 November 2021 Management
Sheep management: liver fluke, drafting lambs and important webinars
Farmers in the west and northwest should be vigilant of a high threat of liver fluke following the release of the Department of Agriculture's Liver Fluke Forecast.
20 November 2021 NI Sheep Programme
NISP webinar: navigating through a winter of higher feed costs
The webinar takes place on Thursday 25 November at 8pm and will include a virtual visit to the farm of Dermot McAleese, along with advice from CAFRE specialists on winter feeding programmes.
Beef management: five tips for managing the silage pit
A well-managed silage pit will reduce the amount of heating and waste fodder accumulating over winter.
13 November 2021 Management
Ready for winter feeding in Co Antrim
Dairylink farmer James King has good quality grass silage in store. David Wright reports.
3 November 2021 Dairylink
Difficult to find value in current grain markets
Declan Marren takes a look at some options for winter feeding but in current markets finding value is proving difficult.
27 October 2021 Grass & feeding
What has happened in global feed markets?
Tightness between supply and demand for grains and feeds has driven considerable price increases in recent months but now freight issues could add further pressures.
27 October 2021
Dairylink: winter feeding the CAFRE dairy herd
Dr Alastair Boyle, dairy technologist, and Jim Fulton, assistant farm manager, outline plans to manage the CAFRE dairy herd this winter.
13 October 2021 Dairylink
Farmer Writes: what a difference a week makes
Donegal farmer James Strain tackles the challenges of soft grazing conditions and anticipates an eight-month winter.
5 October 2021 Farmer Writes
Majority of farms well stocked with fodder – Teagasc survey
The Teagasc fodder survey shows that the national picture is secure, but a small percentage of farms have significant fodder deficits.
4 October 2021 News
Diet feeders – maintain before you mix
Gary Abbott timely advice on servicing and checking over a diet feeder before winter feeding starts.
29 September 2021 Farm machinery
Feeding for breeding – take control of autumn cow nutrition
Correct nutrition for the cow post-calving will have a huge impact on the success of autumn breeding.
29 September 2021 Breeding & health