Weekly podcast: permits for farming, beef breeding and the sheep trade
Barry Murphy
How farmers could face needing an environmental permit for cattle, beef breeding, the sheep trade and TB compensation payments all feature.
8 March 2022 News
Female farmers call for a farm ‘paperwork strike’
Women in Agriculture Stakeholders Group says the strike will highlight the vital role women play on farms across the country, whether it’s milking cows, lambing ewes or doing the paperwork.
20 February 2022 News
56% increase in female students studying agricultural science for Leaving Cert
More and more female secondary school students are deciding to study agricultural science.
Less than 1% of farms have a registered female farmer – WASG
The Women in Agriculture Stakeholders Group said that a generation of women on farms are losing out while a lot of work is still to be done to address inclusivity.
9 February 2022 News
Age limit for 60% TAMS raised to 66 for women
Female farm representatives aim to increase the number of women farming officially from 13% to 30% by 2027 and say the increase in the TAMS age limit for women is a first step.
3 February 2022 News
New survey to assess CAP measures’ impact on women in agriculture
Both women and men are sought to take part in an online survey aimed at establishing the challenges posed to farm inclusivity.
24 January 2022 News
Women forced to jump through hoops to access TAMS - WASG
The age limit and agricultural qualification requirement for women to access the 60% TAMS grant is going to be a barrier in achieving gender balance within Irish agriculture, WASG has said.
22 November 2021 News
Over 12,000 miss out on higher TAMs option for women
A higher rate of grant aid for TAMS, women-only knowledge transfer groups and a call under the EIP initiative were announced under the next CAP to promote women’s involvement in farming.
8 November 2021 News
Supports announced to promote gender equality in farming
The supports include a higher rate of grant aid for TAMS, women-only knowledge transfer groups and a call under the EIP initiative.
3 November 2021 Schemes
WASG welcomes 60% grant aid and KT groups for women
WASG chair Hannah Quinn-Mulligan welcomes Minister McConalogue's announcement which focuses on promoting women aged 41-55 in agriculture.
1 November 2021 News
Free tractor and machinery course for women
Some background knowledge of driving is essential, but the basic skills will be covered.
29 October 2021 News
60% TAMS for women under the next CAP
The Women in Agriculture Stakeholders Group has said the announcements under the new CAP are a credit to Minister McConalogue.
25 October 2021 Schemes