Men's Health Week: Prostate cancer
Margaret Hawkins
Prostate cancer is the most common cancer among men in Ireland, but early diagnosis can mean a good outcome, writes Margaret Hawkins.
8 June 2022 Health
Health: giving blood – why do it?
With blood stocks currently low, Margaret Hawkins talks to the Irish Blood Transfusion Service (IBTS) and to 28-year-old Cork agricultural contractor, Conor Murphy, who has already donated 28 times
25 May 2022 Health
Protect your children: store medicines and pesticides safely
Margaret Hawkins gets some tips from the director of the National Poisons Information Centre, Dr Edel Duggan, on how to keep your children safe from poisons in the home.
Health: why we need to be more aware of kidney disease
Kidney disease is very common, but is it given enough attention? Margaret Hawkins reports.
18 May 2022 Health
Colic: it's crying time... again
Colic affects one in five babies and the constant crying can make life very stressful for a family, so what can be done? Margaret Hawkins writes.
11 May 2022 Health
Health bytes: from myths about food and cancer to antivirals for COVID-19
Want to sort myths from truth about food and cancer? Ever heard of the drugs, Wegovy and Paxlovid? Fancy volunteering to develop palliative care services? Margaret Hawkins has these Health bytes.
27 April 2022 Health
Lyme disease: the long road to recovery
Lyme disease is a bacterial infection passed to humans through tick bites. If untreated it can have a major impact on a person’s health. Margaret Hawkins talk to two farmers affected by the disease
20 April 2022 Health
Health: staying independent – what can help?
There are now lots of devices on the market, from simple gadgets to high tech solutions, to help you live independently for longer, writes Margaret Hawkins
13 April 2022 Health
Sleep Apnoea: the condition that takes people’s breath away
Is your breathing stopping and starting during sleep? Are you snoring heavily and waking unrefreshed? If so, you could have a disorder called sleep apnoea, writes Margaret Hawkins
6 April 2022 Health
Making strides with hippotherapy
Therapy using horse movement, known as hippotherapy, can help children with special needs develop functional skills that make it easier for them to manage everyday life. Margaret Hawkins finds out.
23 March 2022 Health
Health: did you know that many nurses can now prescribe medication?
Nurses have been able to train to prescribe medication since 2008, but how is this relatively new departure going? Margaret Hawkins finds out.
15 March 2022 Health
Health: vital support group for ICU patients in recovery
ICU numbers hit the headlines every day during the pandemic but what is the reality of being that ill, whatever the cause, and what supports do ICU patients need afterwards? asks Margaret Hawkins.
2 March 2022 Health