Denny Fitz: a man with his finger in every pie
Denny Fitz is back with his local ramblings, and this week it's all about Brian ‘Steve’ Mooney, a man of many talents, but a master of none.
14 July 2021 Features
‘There’s great stuff in that vaccine isn’t there missus?’
After months of staying home, Ann Devine and her fully vaccinated mam take a shopping trip to the Big Smoke... and get more than they bargained for.
24 January 2018 Maurice
Throes of a medieval plague
The flu has fallen on Kildicken. Such is the affliction in the area that one would almost need to mark the doors where the flu has struck, as they did in the Middle Ages, writes Maurice Hickey
Queuing is a fact of life nowadays
Whether it's for a cup of tea, to post a letter or to buy some bread, these days you won't get anything done without first standing in a queue. And that is the sad fact of life, writes Maurice Hickey
10 January 2018 Maurice
Maurice Hickey: Late retirement
As Maurice Hickey begins to plan his glorious retirement from the Council, his dreams are thrown off course
13 December 2017 Maurice
'It took two gay men to straighten you'
An innocent invitation to dinner ended up with the Mother in a rather delicate situation
20 September 2017 Maurice
The arrival of a troublesome priest
There’s uproar in the local parishes about a new arrival this week.
9 September 2015 Maurice
As true as you’re standing there
There’s a whole range of reality between the downright lie and the total truth, writes Maurice Hickey
20 May 2015 Maurice
Decisiveness is not common in politics
Politicians tell us we need decisive leadership and determination to do what needs to be done. Meanwhile, they're as decisive as a child in a sweet shop, writes The Mother.
14 January 2015 Maurice
Living your life in flexitime
As Maurice Hickey ponders his own lack of punctuality, he discovers that most people go by their own clock when it comes to timekeeping.
19 November 2014 Maurice
Maurice Hickey: On the road again
With the council requiring a song and a dance from Maurice Hickey, he finds himself stuck in the wilderness at a think-in with Percy Pipplemoth.
1 October 2014 Maurice
The essence is in the name
As Maurice Hickey settles into his new workplace, he ponders his new surroundings and aks himself the age-old question: 'What is in a name?'
24 September 2014 Maurice