This is an opportunity for merchants and agronomists to get up close to some of the most innovative developments emerging from Seedtech’s breeding programmes and how their applied research trials are shaping the future of seed by delivering varieties to tillage farmers to secure a sustainable and profitable future in arable farming for the next generation.

Seedtech has a wide range of cereal varieties with new genetic traits and a focus on disease and pest tolerance, in combination with yield and quality traits.

Seedtech general manager Nigel Whyte said: “We anticipate strong demand for Belfry hybrid winter barley this autumn, as it is proven to be Ireland’s most consistent and reliable winter barley.

"Trial data from the DAFM recommended list has consistently demonstrated the yield and agronomy benefits of Belfry hybrid winter barley.

"Farmers sowing Belfry hybrid winter barley will make an additional €120/ha or €50/ac over conventional barley based on DAFM results,” said Whyte.

Sowing for success

Tim O'Donovan talking about hybrid barley and how it suppresses sterile brome numbers by 70%.

Seedtech technical director Tim O’Donovan explained that “by starting to drill autumn crops in mid-August with oilseed rape (OSR) and finishing in mid-November with winter oats, farmers have a 14-week drilling window for autumn sowing.

"The Seedtech variety portfolio offers proven choices to help reduce risk within this 14-week drilling window."

Seedtech’s autumn drilling plan can guide drilling crops near the optimum drilling dates, help use machinery efficiently and manage weather variations as we look to get the right crops into the ground.

Examples of this are getting off to an early start with Acacia and Aurelia OSR suitable for sowing from 10 August.

LG Aviron is an extremely vigorous rape suitable for late drilling and can be very useful when sowing runs late.

Following this, from mid-September, sowing KWS Joyau, a BYDV-tolerant barley, KWS Tayo, hybrid rye, which is highly tolerant of take-all, and Ggaham winter wheat, are all suitable for an early sowing slot.

Husky oats are the most reliable winter and spring oat in Ireland and can be sown from 10 October and on into mid-April.

Belfry hybrid barley offers a wide drilling window from the early slot and on into mid-November.

No other crop has a data set that proves beyond doubt that Belfry delivers on consistency and profitability, explained Tim .

Tim said that by setting out a drilling plan, growers and agronomists can reduce the risk for autumn crops in 2021.

Get a copy of Seedtech's autumn drill plan and variety guide here