Rural Rhymes

The Illiterate

I’m just a man who works with his hands

And I’m used to the heat of the day

I never was sick and I never was sore

And I worked all my life for my pay.

But God sent me some of his bounty

With the health and the joys that I know

Thought I couldn’t read and I couldn’t write

Any my friends in high places were few

So I thank the good Lord for his bounty

And I cherish the birds and the bees

By that, sure I know I am wealthy

And on Sunday, give thanks on my knees

I see the great people of history

For wealth and for power they slaves

But I have great wealth, for I am content

Though hardly a shilling I saved.

– Tom McGahon

Home management tip with Katherine O’Leary

When hiring a babysitter there is a lot to consider. What if your child has an accident? Does the babysitter know where the first aid box is? Does he/she know who to call for help? Put the first aid box in a prominent place in the kitchen or living room. Write out the list of numbers of who to call in case of an accident. Start with the emergency services; 112 or 999. Put your Eircode beside it. List the parents’/carers’ numbers as well as sibling and grandparent numbers where applicable. Add the out-of-hours doctor number, the nearest hospital number and any other helpful person that is familiar with the child/children.

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Photo of the Week

HAY THERE: when 10-year-old Mickayla Darcy visits her grandmother in Wicklow she likes to say hello to all the horses. \ Monica Walsh

Instagram Inspiration

Following our recent travel series, we know that the rugged landscape of the west is truly a sight to behold. One particular page that demonstrates just that is With a blend of funny and picturesque posts, Into The West documents contributor pictures (like this shot below from Louis Barry), memes, videos and drone shots.

If you were looking for a sign to book a staycation to the west of Ireland, this is it. Check out our holidaying at home series online on for further inspiration.

Number of the Week


The estimated number of people in Ireland that suffer from coeliac disease (an intolerance to the allergen gluten).

Quote of the Week

From physiotherapist, Stephen O'Rourke:

You would be surprised how similar farmers and dancers are! Both jobs are physical, and if they are injured, often there is no one to fill in for them. They usually need to find a way to work around their injuries