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Aurivo boosts fixed milk price
Rachel Donovan
There is a gap of 15c/l between fixed milk price schemes and the open market.
Dairy management: how to look after clover seedlings
Clover seedlings are at a delicate stage and need to be looked after, writes Aidan Brennan.
Dairy Management: calf health and bull management
A look at how best to manage the introduction of bulls into the dairy herd after the period of AI is over
Arrabawn moves on fixed milk price
With close to one billion litres of milk in fixed milk price schemes and a gap of 15c/l between fixed and open market, some farmers are hurting badly on fixed milk price schemes.
Dairy Trends: GDT down again but floor strong
The GDT auction, which establishes a good price indicator for powders, was back a a shade again this week, but supplies remain tight.
If in doubt, take it out
Aidan Brennan and Martin Merrick discuss how to manage grass during this period of exceptionally high grass growth rates
Grain prices looking good for 2022 and 2023
The latest USDA World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates report suggests that grain prices will continue to be supported in 2022 and 2023 due to tight supply
May health tips: summer scour syndrome
Check out this month’s animal health tips from Tom McTeague, Animal Health Ireland.
Double for Leitrim breeders at Irish Angus Thurles Sale
Niamh Gunn reports from the Irish Angus Cattle Society’s show and sale of bulls in Thurles Mart last week.
Newford update: 93% of cows submitted for AI
The herd has repeated the high submission rates of recent years, with 80 of the 83 cows inseminated.
Thrive weekly roundup: weighing yearlings and transitioning calves outdoors
The dairy beef programme roundup has a video update from the demo farm, where yearling stock have been weighed, while we outline the importance of managing the transition to grass for calves.
Watch: bulls average at 608kg on Tullamore Farm
Niamh Gunn chats with farm manager Shaun Diver to see what’s happening on Tullamore Farm this week.
Watch: surplus grass and weighing cattle on Thrive demo farm
Declan Marren has the latest from the Thrive demonstration farm, where the yearling cattle were weighed for the first time since turnout and the first surplus grass of the year is to be baled.
Good silage starts in the field but finishes in the clamp
Fermentation relies on bacteria utilising sugars in the grass, but depending on the species of bacteria carrying out the process, the end products will differ.
Best advice on weed control in grazing pastures
For a growing number of Irish farmers, Forefront T is the product of choice to control weeds such as docks, thistles, nettles and dandelions in grazing pastures.
Experience boarding life at Glenstal Abbey School - Taster Weekend for fifth class
Boys starting secondary school in September 2023 are invited to stay in the school's Norman castle on the 4-5 June, to learn about boarding life at Glenstal Abbey School in Murroe, Co Limerick.
Farm safely: stay safe by staying clear of overhead electricity wires
ESB Networks public safety manager Michael Murray has some vital advice for farmers and contractors ahead of the busy silage season.
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