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Katherine's Country: focusing on the negative brings negative results
Katherine O'Leary
Recovery from the Troubles has been difficult enough. How valuable is research which focuses on negative questions around friendships? Katherine O’Leary writes.
1 February 2023 Ask Miriam
‘I have concerns about a playdate’
Dear Miriam, my daughter wants to invite a friend to our home for a playdate, but I have some concerns.
1 February 2023 Amii
Business failure rate rising again post COVID. Is a ‘correction’ gathering pace?
Although possibly the hardest hit sector, it could also be argued that some Irish hospitality businesses were given somewhat of a lifeline by COVID-19. But what now asks Amii McKeever.
Too much screentime at granny’s
Dear Miriam, my mother-in-law relies too much on screentime when babysitting our son.
25 January 2023 Ask Miriam
Katherine's Country: Carrigaline IFA dinner dance resumes
It is lovely to be back meeting people and attending functions, writes Katherine O’Leary.
25 January 2023 Katherine O'Leary
Editorial: I will come back to you on that! Readers views vital
It’s often readers that spark the idea for an article. Praise or complaint, it’s all welcome in terms of addressing the concerns of the people who live and work in rural Ireland. Writes Amii McKeever.
25 January 2023 Amii
The fifth and seventh days of 2023 brought both spiritual celebration and grief
Religious ceremonies were celebrated by Amii McKeever’s family as the new year began. These occasions coincided with a pope’s buried and a ceasefire to respect a religious day being ignored.
18 January 2023 Amii
My children are planning a surprise birthday; but I don’t want it
Dear Miriam, I don't want my children to organise a ‘surprise’ birthday party for me.
18 January 2023 Ask Miriam
Katherine's Country: back to the basics of calf rearing
The calf rearing season is almost upon us. It is important to be prepared and in the right mind-set, writes Katherine O’Leary.
18 January 2023 Katherine O'Leary
‘We’re just engaged, but my future mother-in-law is already interfering’
Dear Miriam, I want to have a small wedding but my future mother-in-law has other ideas
11 January 2023 Ask Miriam
Katherine’s Country: having to take my own advice
Katherine O’Leary had to take her own advice and not stress about who was around the Christmas dinner table when sickness visited the family.
11 January 2023 Katherine O'Leary
Editorial: in respect of the beautiful game of life
Is the death of a soccer legend bigger than climate change or an assault on democracy? News coverage of Pelé’s death would suggest it just could be.
11 January 2023 Amii