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Opinion: Fine Gael fighting for the farming vote
Pat O'Toole
The battle for the rural and farming vote is likely to heat up this summer, as an election became much more likely this week.
18 May 2022 Opinion
Colm McCarthy: stronger oversight needed when spending public money
Unless you believe that public capital resources are unlimited, overshoots on big projects mean cutbacks and postponements elsewhere.
18 May 2022 Northern Ireland
NI protocol points to a political failure
Checks at NI ports could have been avoided if a different course of action was taken.
Home Farm: visits from officialdom
“Getting a qualified electrician in today’s market to certify other people’s work is proving more difficult than you might imagine.”
18 May 2022 Opinion
Dempsey at Large: A tribute to Alan Gillis
Alan Gillis kept his head and tackled each problem on the basis of logic and reasoned argument.
18 May 2022 Opinion
Opinion: sensible decisions rendered seemingly reckless
The senseless invasion of Ukraine has made forward selling a loss-making operation for farmers, and there are no easy solutions.
14 May 2022 Opinion
Yet another Brexit crisis unfolding
As the UK threatens to go it alone with modifications to the Northern Ireland protocol, the wider Trade and Co operation agreement (TCA) comes under threat
12 May 2022 News
Colm McCarthy: accurate capital cost estimates key to successful development
One of the motors of economic development is efficient investment in infrastructure by the State.
11 May 2022 Opinion
Home Farm: decisions to make on first cut silage
We are looking at vastly increased costs of producing the crops for the forthcoming harvest than was ever the case.
11 May 2022 Opinion
NI Ag can move forward for now
A legislative change means that even without political agreement, Minister Poots can remain in post.
11 May 2022 Northern Ireland
Dempsey at Large: legislating for national and corporate climate goals
Farmers have real scope to have on-farm practices that capture carbon – and not just in hedges.
11 May 2022 Opinion
Colm McCarthy - CSO's annual report on fossil fuel subsidies
Only diesel for road vehicles should face the user charge to cover the road costs, which it does.
4 May 2022 Opinion