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US meat industry in the spotlight
Phelim O'Neill
Rising retail prices and rising factory profits have put the US meat industry under the White House spotlight.
NPA to 'bounce back' from €1m losses incurred due to COVID-19 pandemic
The NPA incurred losses of €656,240 for the 12 months to the end of January 2021.
What’s driving the Glanbia plc turnaround?
Glanbia plc just released half-year results for 2021 that show improving financials and a positive prediction on 2021 full-year results. Jack Kennedy reports.
Dairy Trends: commodity prices edge up to reaffirm positivity
Any moves in dairy markets this week have been good, with price rises for most dairy commodities.
Dairy Trends: GDT result marks move back to positive trading
As the spring moves into New Zealand, Ireland moves into autumn and the chance increases of a milk price rise.
Specific tillage schemes needed under new CAP to stop area decline
Mark Browne has called for specific tillage funding and increases in budgets for schemes already in existence as tillage farmers face large cuts in payments due to convergence.
How is global trade likely to develop through the 2020s?
While Irish farmers have always had to contend with EU trade policy, they must now also live with UK trade policy which will have as great, if not a greater, impact writes Phelim O’Neill.
Brexit shockwaves will be felt this decade and beyond
It took four and a half years for the UK to leave the EU with a basic trade deal and while the full consequences of that have not yet been felt, they will by the end of this decade.
Similar format for Areas Facing Natural Constraints (ANC)
Eligible areas will be based on the land designation undertaken in 2019, with land falling in to one of four payment categories.
Maxol Lubricants and the Cork West plough team
To celebrate the start of this year’s Ploughing, we chat with the West Cork plough team, proudly sponsored by Maxol Lubricants, to find out what drives them to compete at this great event each year.
Always ask yourself: are you sure it’s safe?
As the season changes and as winter conditions approach, Michael Murray, public safety manager with ESB Networks, is asking farmers to remain vigilant around the farm.
Challenging times: farmers are under siege
Resilience in the face of continued adversity, farmers always find a way.
OEM apprenticeships offering employers and learners exciting new opportunities
There is a huge level of interest and demand for apprenticeships in all business sectors in Ireland right now, as learners and companies see the massive benefits of futureproofing their chosen sector.
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