Information on farm building design and construction.

Teagasc to host organic beef farm buildings webinar
Martin Merrick
The webinar will see Teagasc organic specialists, as well as organic farmers who have converted accommodation, speaking on the night.
1 February 2023 Buildings
Tackling the energy cost of running the milking parlour
The milking parlour is the most crucial piece of kit on every dairy farm, but it uses a lot of energy. Kieran Mailey reports from a CAFRE open day, where operating costs were outlined to farmers.
1 February 2023 Buildings
Set in concrete: recycling gravel tracks into concrete roads
Well-known contractor Oliver Conroy has added a new service to his belt in recycling existing gravel farm roadways in to concrete roads.
Designing a calf shed: the key factors
Having correct housing for calves is one of the key elements in reducing calf mortality and driving daily liveweight gain.
25 January 2023 Calves
Department clarifies deadline for accelerated capital allowance scheme
The Department has sought to reassure farmers that the six month timeframe is due to be extended before the June deadline.
25 January 2023 News
Health benefits coupled with flexibility in Buitalaar units
Buitalaar is seeing increasing demand for its High Health calf units, as farmers seek to secure purpose-built accommodation for their calves.
25 January 2023 Calves
TikTok farm hacks: ‘Limond’ conveyor belt silage feeder
The farmer has created a homemade conveyor belt to feed cows with a diet feeder in a passage less than 2m wide.
24 January 2023 Buildings
Ramping up calf accommodation and feed equipment in Cork
As cow numbers increased and calf exports come under pressure, Ben Murphy decided to future-proof his farm with a high-spec calf shed with automatic feeders.
18 January 2023 Calves
Quarter 1 opening date for TAMS replacement
The Department hope to have details for the On-Farm Capital Investment Scheme available in the coming weeks and a tranche opened in quarter 1 of 2023.
18 January 2023 Schemes
Getting to grips with new soiled water storage regulations
Dairy specialist Patrick Gowing highlighted the need for farmers to take action in the near future regarding soiled water and slurry storage at a recent farm walk.
18 January 2023 Buildings
June 30 deadline ‘due to be extended’ for slurry stores
The Department has sought to reassure farmers by saying that the six-month timeframe is due to be extended.
18 January 2023 News
Calving facilities: why a one size does not fit all
Individual farmer needs on what calving facilities are required and what will work best for them will vary dramatically, writes Martin Merrick.
11 January 2023 Buildings