Traditional beef calves are now running on average €50/head or 30% behind the same week last year.

Within this figure, heifers are running over €60/head back, while bull calves are back in excess of €45/head. It leaves the average price of one-month-old Angus and Hereford bull calves over the last seven days at €160/head and €177/head respectively.

Friesian bull calf prices were fairly stable this week, up just €1/head to an average price of €61/head as numbers on offer continue to decline. Again, compared with the same week last year, prices are back 23% or €18/head.

Friesian bull calves are now making up just over 15% of calf numbers, as Angus- and Hereford-sired calves now dominate sales numbers.

Continental calves continue to perform well where on offer, but small numbers are keeping prices relatively high.

However, continental calves are also seeing a similar reduction in price, with Belgian Blue calf prices back over 30%, while Limousin-sired calves are down just over 20% on the same week last year. One-month-old Belgian Blue and Limousin heifers averaged €210/head and €190/head respectively this week.