The Irish Angus Cattle Society and the Irish Angus Producer Group are no longer aligned.

In an official joint statement released to the Irish Farmers Journal from the two organisations, they stated: “The Irish Angus Producer Group and the Irish Angus Cattle Society enjoyed a mutually beneficial working relationship for over 20 years.

"In 2020, the two groups parted ways following the expiry of their contract terms.

"Both groups will continue to be involved in the future development of the Angus breed and the Angus brand.”


Following the split, it’s understood a six-figure sum is to be paid to the Irish Angus Cattle Society.

While full conditions of the agreement are still unknown due to a non-disclosure signed by both parties, it’s understood the two will not be working together on any future promotion of the breed.

This will come as a real shock to society members who were never made aware of any proceedings or talks in the build-up to the split and after an agreement was made.