Buying competition for store cattle was extremely sharp at the weekly sale in Markethill Mart on Saturday last.

Topping the trade in the bullock ring was a 698kg animal which made £1,685 (€1,982), or 242p/kg (€2.84/kg), followed by a 674kg animal making £1,615 (€1,900) or 240p/kg (€2.82/kg).

Heavy fleshed bullocks generally sold over the 230p/kg (€2.70/kg) mark for good-quality continental types with U grade conformation.

Midweight bullocks sold from 230p to 250p/kg (€2.70 to €2.94/kg), with the standout lot being a 504kg animal, which made £1,245 (€1,464).

Lighter stores sold to 280p/kg (€3.29/kg), with a 398kg bullock making £1,115 (€1,311).


Heifers were a super trade, with 267p/kg (€3.14/kg) paid for a 660kg animal, which made £1,765 (€2,076).

This was followed by a 664kg heifer at £1,735 (€2,041) and a sale-topping £1,805 (€2,123) for a 728kg lot.

Heifers generally sold from 220p to 255p/kg (€2.58 to €3/kg) depending on quality. Good-quality midweight heifers made £1,425 to £1,455 (€1,676 to €1,711) for animals around 550kg to 580kg.

In the weanling ring, prices peaked at £1,515 (€1,782) for a 422kg Limousin heifer, with several lots around the 400kg mark making 295p/kg (€3.47/kg).

Bull weanlings made £1,150 (€1,352) for a 368kg animal, with stronger types over 400kg selling to £1,280 (€1,505.)

Suckler outfits were a solid trade, with prices peaking at £1,760 (€2,070) on two occasions. First off was for a Charolais cow and heifer calf followed by a Limousin cow and heifer calf. In-calf heifers sold to £1,640 (€1,929).

This Charolais bullok, born September 2019 and weighing 676kg, sold for £1,545 (€1,817).

This Belgian Blue heifer, born May 2019 and weighing 500kg, sold for £1,155 (€1,358).

This Blonde d'Aquitaine heifer, born April 2019 and weighing 626kg, sold for £1,435 (€1,688).

This Limousin heifer, born March 2019 and weighing 644kg, sold for £1,345 (€1,582).

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