Carbery has announced it will increase the price it pays for May milk by 2c/l to 50.24c/l excluding VAT.

The processor says this price is inclusive of a 0.5c/l somatic cell count (SCC) bonus.

A spokesperson for Carbery confirmed that this milk price is increasing in line with the strong performance of dairy markets, particularly cheese.


The announcement from Carbery follows the prices set for May milk by a number of its competitors in recent days.

On Thursday, Dairygold announced it has increased the price it will pay suppliers for May milk by 2.5c/l to 50.23c/l excluding VAT.

On Monday, Lakeland Dairies increased its milk price for May milk supplied by 2c/l to pay its producers 49.38c/l, excluding VAT.

Elsewhere, last Friday, Glanbia Co-op said it will pay its milk suppliers a farmgate price of 49.62c/l, excluding VAT, at base solids for May milk supplies. Glanbia’s May price is also up 2c/l on the price paid for April milk.

On Thursday last, Kerry Group was first out with its price and announced it will pay suppliers 48.8c/l, excluding VAT for May milk. This is a 1.8c/l increase in price compared with that paid for April milk.