A new digital grading system for beef carcases will be rolled out in Irish beef factories over the next two months, Meat Industry Ireland (MII) has confirmed.

The new technology was described by MII as a “systems upgrade” of the existing beef carcase classification machines that currently operate in Irish meat plants.

Trials involving the digital technology were completed in 2019.

These were undertaken and evaluated under the supervision of the Department of Agriculture.

As a consequence of the successful completion of the trials, the new technology was officially authorised by the Department of Agriculture, and its adoption notified to the European Commission.

This process will be supervised by Department staff

It had been intended to roll-out the new grading system early last year, but the move was delayed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The rollout will now commence next week and should be completed across all processing sites over the next six to eight weeks.

This process will be supervised by Department staff.


The new grading system requires the installation of digital cameras and LED lighting.

MII said the new technology aimed to “future-proof” the beef carcase classification system.