“All our tankers have a separate chassis supporting the barrel, unlike other tankers where the tank and chassis are one unit,” continues Martin.

“This means 80% of the weight is carried on the tanker’s axle and the remainder is carried on the tractor drawbar. This design prevents cracking from the stress of pulling heavy loads and at longer distances.”

Major offers four classes of tankers – Agri, Contractor, Alpine, and Tandem – for specific use or requirement.

All barrels are produced from 6mm steel and fitted with road safety features including breakaway cable, hydraulic brakes and rubber buffers on drawbar for easier towing and smoother journeys.

Buyers can further customise tankers with an extensive list of tyres, fillers, pumps, hoses, and multiple accessories.

Low Emissions Slurry Spreaders

Major has three options for precision slurry application.

The 7.5m Dribble Bar and 7.5m Trailing Shoe applicators can be easily retrofitted on to any tanker make or model.

Both units use the powerful Vogelsang macerator to distribute slurry evenly and consistently through 30 outlets for precise application and are hot-dipped galvanised for extra protection against corrosion. Either system can be used with an existing splashplate.

The Disc Injector or shallow injection system is the best method of returning nitrogen back to the soil.

The Major 5.2m Disc Injector combines soil fertilising and furrowing with a working depth from 20mm to 60mm.

It works best on short grass swards, placing slurry 5cm to 6cm below the surface. See the field test using the Major Disc Injector.

Major Cyclone - best of rotary and flail-style mowers

Initially designed to combat overwintering pests like corn borers and leaf rollers in crop stubble, the Major Cyclone is equally effective clearing rushes, furze, scrub and traditional pasture topping.

The heavy-duty mower has a double-chop blade system that shreds and mulches material, evenly distributing all residue.

The Cyclone uses up to 50% less fuel and power consumption than a similar-sized flail while working at faster forward speeds.

This results in significant savings in fuel and time, and less wear over the machine’s lifetime.

Ten models are available in working width from 2.0m (6’5”) to 7.3m (23’8”).

Strenx® Steel, Galvanisation

The Major Cyclone is built with high-performance Strenx ® 700 MC structural steel, which is stronger yet lighter than standard steel. Combined with hot-dip galvanisation, the Cyclone mower is impact tough.

Major is also one of the earliest manufacturers to offer a galvanised finish on its slurry tankers.

“These tankers are working in corrosive environments and the galvanisation process adds several decades of life expectancy over painted products,” concludes Martin.

“Our products are constructed to last longer than ordinary machinery, so a galvanised finish as a standard ensures our customers are getting a durable, premium product.”