John Deere 8R tractors fitted with independent link suspension (ILS) are now available ex-factory with a new integrated tyre pressure control system.

The in-house system from John Deere uses an on-board compressor, so tyre pressure can be continually monitored by the operator, inflating or deflating tyres to the correct pressures.

This setting of pressure allows operators to get the most efficient use from the tractor's tyres, both in field and on the road.


Benefits of lower tyre pressure in the field include reduced soil compaction and wheel slip, plus increased traction and pulling performance.

Adjustments of the new central tyre inflation system (CTIS) are made through the tractors CommandCenter display.

Adjustments of the new central tyre inflation system (CTIS) are made through the tractor's CommandCenter display.

John Deere claims a tyre combination of 710/75R42s with 650/60R34s can be increased from 0.8 to 1.8 bar in less than six and a half minutes for road travelling, while less than four minutes is needed to release the pressure.


An external compressed air connection can be used for faster inflation, for example by taking air from a slurry tank compressor. An air gun can also be used for cleaning purposes.

More durable fabric hoses are used instead of plastic air lines, which Deere believes are 33% larger than other solutions on the market. These airlines are safely secured to the tractor’s front and rear wheels.

The CTIS option comes in at a price of €14,555 or £13,490 for UK customers.