Crop protection company Syngenta is releasing a new version of its Sprayer Assist app this spring.

The app has been revamped to include more features and will help growers optimise their sprayer set-up.

The app also uses local weather data to analyse the factors that influence accurate application and potential risk of spray drift, including wind, rain or frost.

Sprayer operators will be able to customise weather condition risks to prioritise factors such as humidity, temperature, rain or wind.

Advance planning

Selecting a proposed spray time up to four days in advance, the app will indicate if conditions are suitable for spraying, possibly suitable for spraying with suggested mitigating measures or if spraying is not advisable.

Operators will then be advised on what nozzles, water volume and pressure and the forward speed to use to minimise drift reduction.

While the old version of the app is currently available, the new version is expected to be available in early spring on both Android and Apple phones.

Last autumn, Syngenta released its BYDV Assist app to help growers optimise BYDV control.