The average price paid in marts for Angus and Hereford calves has reduced by over €20/head on average, according to this week’s ICBF calf price database.

The greatest reduction has been seen for Angus heifers, back €31/head to an average price of €126/head.

Angus bulls averaged €175/head, a reduction of €27/head on the previous seven days.

Hereford calves did not see as big of a reduction, though this could be down to numbers forward for sale.


Heifers were €17/head easier at an average price of €158/head, while bulls were back €12/head on the week to €202/head. The average price paid for Friesian bull calves slipped again this week by €4/head to €46/head, although there is large variability within this average figure.

Continental calf numbers increased this week with more Belgian Blue and Limousin calves present at sales.

The average price of a three-week-old Belgian Blue heifer was €203/head, back a massive €76/head on the previous week.

Limousin heifers the same age averaged €208/head, up slightly on the previous seven days.