Enniskillen Ulster Farmers Mart in county Fermanagh hosted a dairy dispersal sale on Monday 23 May, with a total entry of 68 cows on the day.

The dispersal sale for Alan Elliott, Breagho, Enniskillen consisted of mainly Friesian and Holstein in-calf and calved cows and heifers with the herd having good figures for yields with high solids.

All in-calf cows that were forward for sale were sold running with the farm’s Aberdeen Angus stock and were calving all year round. The cows were all vaccinated for Rotavirus and Coronavirus. A milk recording also took place on the farm on 14 May.

This September 2017-born cow 6 months in-calf to an Aberdeen Angus sold for £1,700 (€2,000)

The sale reached a peak price of £3,280 (€3,858) for a November 2017-born Friesian cow that yielded 33 litres on 14 May and was 10 weeks in calf to the Aberdeen Angus stock bull.

Noted prices

Other noted prices included was £2,750 (€3,235) for an October 2019-born cow. This March 2022-calved cow had 30 litres of milk yield recorded on 14 May. This was closely followed by an April 2016-born cow that recorded 40 litres on the last milk recording and fetched a price of £2,200 (€2,588).

First time-calving cows sold for an average price of £ 1,730 (€2,035) with second-calving cows selling up to £2,750 (€3,235).

Third-calving cows sold in a price range from £1,560 (€1,835) to £2,020 (€2,376), with cows over their fifth lactation selling in the main around £1,600 (€1,882).

Also featured in the sale was a number of red and white Holstein cows that went under the hammer between £1,460 (€1,717) to £1,700 (€2,000).

This February 2019-born cow 17 weeks in-calf to an Aberdeen Angus sold for £1,720 (€2,023)

Speaking to the Irish Farmers Journal, Stuart Johnston said: “We had a great sale today with the seller more than delighted with the overall prices. The prices strongly reflected the high quality of stock on offer today.

The high average of £1,595 (€1,876) for 68 lots at the sale certainly shows confidence in the milk trade along with a 100% clearance rate. Calved heifers were selling for the same price as in-calf types, but the strongest demand on the day was for good, quality first and second-calved cows.’’

Enniskillen Mart will host its next sale on Thursday 26 May for a sale of heifers, bullocks, dry cows and weanlings.