Iran - fertiliser exports to Brazil increase

Pecuaria report that following recent discussions between Brazil’s Minister for Agriculture and the company responsible for developing Iran’s petrochemical sector that fertiliser exports could increase from 600,000t to 2m tonnes.

UK - fewer vets coming to work

The Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS) has said that the number of EU vets coming to work in the UK fell by 68% from 1,132 in 2019 to just 364 in 2021 due to combination of Brexit and COVID-19.

USA - JBS pulls out of deal to buy rest of Pilgrims

JBS, which controls 80% of the shares in Pilgrims Pride, the owners of Moy Park and the former Kerry meat and meals business, has withdrawn its offer to buy the remaining 20% of shares.

Argentina - farmers challenge beef export tax

The Argentine Rural Society, which represents farmers in Argentina, this week launched a legal challenge against the government’s taxation of beef exports.