Cavan Mart hosted its weekly Friday sale of general cattle, with a selection of heifers, bullocks, weanlings and cull cows on offer last week.

In total, 112 cattle were offered at the sale.

Of those, 106 found new homes, with factory agents, farmers and Northern Ireland buyers active, leaving a clearance rate at 95%.


There was a great entry of heifers, with the average price of heifers over 600kg settling at €2.80/kg, which proved higher than the bullocks of this weight category.

Heifers weighing between 400kg and 500kg sold in the main at around the €2.60/kg mark, with heifers weighing 500kg to 600kg selling from €2.60/kg for Angus- and Hereford-crosses, with continental heifers a touch stronger, selling from €2.70/kg up to €3.00/kg for top-quality lots.


There was a small selection of bullocks in the sale, with demand remaining for slaughter-fit animals, with the top of the trade of these animals averaging €2.76/kg.

Bullocks weighing 400kg to 500kg were trading between €2.10/kg and €2.85/kg, depending on the quality on show, while the average price for 500kg to 600kg bullocks was recorded at €2.70/kg.

The majority of bullocks featured at the sale were traditional breeds, as well as dairy-beef-crosses.

Fleshed Friesians weighing over 500kg were mainly selling between €1,200 and €1,300 (€2.40/kg to €2.60/kg).

We are witnessing steady numbers through the yard each week

Speaking to the Irish Farmers Journal after the sale, mart manager David Reilly commented: "Even with the seasonal decline, we are witnessing steady numbers through the yard each week.

"At Friday’s sale, cull cows were slightly back in price due to efforts from the factories to reduce prices this week.

"Overall, I’m delighted with the sale, with a number of runners fetching prices up to €550 for January- and February-born calves.”

Cavan Mart will host its next general sale of cattle on Friday 24 June.

In pictures

This November 2020-born Limousin heifer weighed 460kg and sold for €1,120 (€2.43/kg).

This January 2021-born Limousin heifer weighed 645kg and sold for €1,679 (€2.59/kg).

This December 2019-born Aberdeen Angus heifer weighed 655kg and sold for €1,500 (€2.29/kg).

This June 2020-born Hereford heifer weighed 640kg and sold for €890 (€2.31/kg).

This May 2021-born Hereford heifer weighed 385kg and sold for €890 (€2.31/kg).

This March 2021-born Hereford heifer weighed 405kg and sold for €950 (€2.35/kg).

This January 2021-born Hereford heifer weighed 465kg and sold for €1,100 (€2.37/kg).

This September 2020-born Aberdeen Angus heifer weighed 515kg and sold for €1,280 (€2.49/kg).