There has been no shortage of bitterness in the most recent skirmishes linked to the ongoing Battle of the Bogs.

The Dealer can only guess at how sour the Soldiers of Destiny must have been last week when they were forced to march into the Dáil voting lobby – along with their Finer Gaedheal compadres –to support Eamon Ryan’s latest assault on the turf-cutting fraternity.

“If someone had been bould enough to hum the ‘Wearing of the Green’ during the vote we could have had a rebellion,” one wag told The Dealer.

However, the exchanges on turf-cutting haven’t been entirely fractious. Indeed, The Dealer has heard that the Cathaoirleach of Ballina Municipal Council, Cllr Annie May Reape, went so far as to invite the Green Party leader west to do a day in the bog – just to experience how healthy an endeavour it can be.

The Dealer hasn’t heard if the offer was accepted or not.