Austrian family-owned machinery manufacturer Pöttinger has once again achieved record turnover in its latest 2021/22 financial year, with turnover increasing by 25% to €506m.

This represents an increase in turnover of €101m, the highest increase in turnover in the company’s history of over 150 years.

This is likely to be a trend we will see across many manufacturers over the coming year, with the price of new machinery skyrocketing due to the rising costs of raw materials, components and operational costs.

Export ratio

The manufacturer continues to have an export ratio of 91% which has remained steady around such a figure for many years now.

In terms of machinery sales, Pöttinger noted that grass equipment performed very well, accounting for 67% of turnover. In the forage wagon segment, the company achieved a growth in sales growth of almost 13%.

Meanwhile, the remainder of machinery sales were down to its tillage equipment, accounting for 33%. Another development was recorded by its spare parts business unit, which grew by 12%.

Almost 60% of its total turnover was achieved in Germany, France, Austria, Poland, the US and Switzerland. Its largest individual markets are Germany with almost 18% and France at almost 15% of turnover. Meanwhile, turnover in America grew by 75% year on year.

Pöttinger now has 17 sales locations worldwide and five production plants in Europe. On average, 2,017 people from 36 different nations were employed during the financial year, compared with 1,929 in the previous year.