The pandemic has created challenges for Macra na Feirme clubs across the country and Waterford was no different.

Morale was low within the county as a result of the pandemic and it was very difficult to plan anything.

Waterford County Macra planned a reboot week in October to encourage members to return to activities, as well as to entice new members.

Emma Kate played an integral role in planning the reboot week. She developed a table quiz to provide something fun for people to do, naming it “OMG an actual in person quiz.”

The catchy name enticed people to come out and engage in something fun. The quiz was not a normal quiz but an alternative one, with random rounds such as “warm up round” based on temperature and “the pretend history round” based on Irish myths.

This attracted old and new members and raised the morale around the county, creating an opportunity to plan more activities within the club and county. The reboot week also saw a farm walk on an alternative farm within the county.

The success of this week helped newer members build trust by providing a safe environment to develop new skills and flourish within a team. As a result, a lot of the members who engaged during the reboot week are now more involved than ever before.

Emma Kate’s quote

I joined Macra in 2013 when I moved back after studying in the UK. Over the years, I heard many stories from family members about the fun they had in Macra growing up, so I wanted to find out for myself. I filled out an application form and haven’t looked back since. I like how everybody has a story to tell and it makes each Macra event interesting.

The opportunities that have arisen since joining Macra have been amazing. I have tried many new things such as debating, meeting new like-minded people around the country and representing Waterford in national competitions. It was an honour to be chosen as one of the winners of the ABP National Leadership Award. It has been one of my Macra highlights to-date!

As well as developing new skills within Macra, it has given me a chance to help raise money for charities such as the Solas Cancer Support Centre in Waterford and Crumlin Children’s Hospital, which is very close to my heart.

Last January during lockdown, I helped organise a walking challenge for members within Waterford county Macra to raise money for Crumlin Children’s Hospital by collectively walking a certain amount of kilometres over the month. We raised €900.