The number of calves through the ICBF calf price database more than doubled this week.

This surge in numbers was equally split between Friesian bulls and early-maturing beef-sired calves.

Angus-sired calves saw the greatest number increase, which had a negative effect on the overall price.

The average price for heifers is back €18/head, while bull calves were back €24/head.

This leaves three-week-old Angus heifers trading at €175/head on average this week, while bull calves the same age are averaging €208/head.

Hereford-sired bull calves are down almost €30/head on the week to an average price of €220, while heifers were back by €15/head to an average of €191/head.

The average Friesian bull calf price remained relatively stable again this week at €53/head down €1/head on the previous seven days.

Belgian Blue- and Limousin-sired calf numbers increased this week. Overall, prices were back €16/head on the previous week, with the average price of a three-week-old Belgian Blue bull standing at €246/head, while Limousin heifers the same age averaged €239/head.