The mid-range Torion series sees the addition of a new model with an attractive power-to-weight ratio – the Torion 1511 P. The 1511 P brings with it more engine power and torque. Fitted with a 6.8l six-cylinder DPS Stage V engine it produces 228hp, 40hp more than in the Torion 1511. The maximum torque figure of 900Nm is achieved at 1,600rpm. The engine is positioned crosswise and further back for improved counterbalance as well as improved access.

The Dynamic Cooling function adjusts fan speed from 100 to 1,050rpm depending on engine temperature. The time interval for fan reversal, supplied as standard, can be adjusted in the control terminal.

The oil pump capacity on the Varipower transmission has been increased to 145ccm (up from 105ccm on 1511) allowing the Torion 1511 P to reach top speed at a quieter 1,800rpm. The new Torion 1511 P is 300kg lighter than the 1511 model, achieving a power-to-weight ratio of just 62kg/hp.

Three driving ranges ensure an optimum gear ratio is selected at all times. The second axial piston motor is automatically disconnected at speeds of over 16km/h. Large tyres up to 750/65 R26 can be fitted on the two drive axles fitted with limited slip differentials (45 percent lock value). The mudguards now provide more adjustability for silage pit operations.


The mid-range Torion models (1177, 1410 and 1511) will offer new equipment options for 2022. One of these is the optional joystick steering. The cab also features a new control panel in the right-hand armrest. The curve radius of the front windscreen has been reduced towards the front to provide an undistorted view. Dynamic Steering is still available as an optional feature.

A new integrated weighing system and a tyre pressure monitoring system in the terminal are also optionally available. A stainless steel exhaust pipe is available.

Up to 10 LED work lights can be fitted in the cab roof to supplement the two LED headlights with auxiliary side lights mounted next to the loader unit. A reversing camera can also be optioned.