The webinar was hosted by Irish Farmers Journal editor and CEO Justin McCarthy who was joined by livestock specialist Declan Marren, sustainability specialist Siobhan Walsh, beef editor Adam Woods and Tullamore Farm manager Shaun Diver.

Achieving maximum liveweight gain from grass is a central pillar on Tullamore Farm and Shaun Diver outlined how he manages grass to achieve this while keeping feed costs low.

The webinar heard from Declan Marren about what is happening on the farm at the moment and what grass targets beef farmers should aim for at this time of year.

Mixed grazing challenges were also discussed.


Optimum soil fertility is a prerequisite for high levels of grass growth and staff at Tullamore Farm have been working over the last few years on improving soil fertility levels.

This has been a long slow road with challenges along the way.

Current pH levels are on target. However, phosphorus (P) and potassium (K) levels are below where they need to be and improvement is needed.

Siobhán Walsh outlined where the farm currently stands and what is happening to improve the soil fertility levels.


Climate change and environmental issues are hot topics at the moment on farms.

With that in mind, Siobhán detailed all that is currently happening on Tullamore Farm in relation to the environment and what can be done to benefit sustainability.

There was also a look at the new REAP scheme and whether Tullamore Farm is eligible .

Finally, we took a look at animal performance on the farm.

Maximising animal performance and weight gain is critical to the farm’s performance.

Shaun Diver looked back at some of the 2020 weight gain figures and discussed current under-16-month young bull performance and how breeding 2021 is progressing.

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