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BEAM calculator
The figures required can be obtained on the Department of Agriculture BEAM correspondence or on the BEAM section in your account. The level of nitrogen produced to date can be obtained in the N&P statements through you account.
Dairy Cow Suckler Cow Cattle 0-1 Yr Cattle 1-2 Yr Cattle 2+ Yr
Dec '20
Jan '21
Feb '21
Mar '21
Apr '21
May '21
Jun '21
Total Avg No. Total N KG
Dairy Cow {{sumDairyCow}} {{averageDairyCow | setDecimal:2}} {{totalnkgDairyCow | setDecimal:2}}
Suckler Cow {{sumSucklerCow}} {{averageSucklerCow | setDecimal:2}} {{totalnkgSucklerCow | setDecimal:2}}
Cattle 0-1 Yr {{sumCattle01}} {{averageCattle01 | setDecimal:2}} {{totalnkgCattle01 | setDecimal:2}}
Cattle 1-2 Yr {{sumCattle12}} {{averageCattle12 | setDecimal:2}} {{totalnkgCattle12 | setDecimal:2}}
Cattle 2+ Yr {{sumCattle2plus}} {{averageCattle2plus | setDecimal:2}} {{totalnkgCattle2plus | setDecimal:2}}
Total Dec '20 - Jun '21
{{totalDec20Jun21 | setDecimal:2}}
Total Jul '20 - {{inputSelectMonths}} '20
Current compliance
{{currentCompliance | setDecimal:2}}

* This is a reference guide and should not be considered as proof of compliance with the scheme. The Department of Agriculture figures are final. The Irish Farmers Journal does not accept responsibility for incorrect data.