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Pig farmers receive average aid payment over €85,000
Barry Murphy
The Department of Agriculture has provided detail of the latest aid funding delivered to eligible pig farmers.
15 September 2022 Pigs
In-pig sow numbers down 11% in 12 months
CSO figures suggest that there will be fewer pigs coming on-stream over the medium-term than there had been in previous years.
13 September 2022 News
Pig prices up 18% in year – CSO
The CSO has released its latest analysis on the prices farmers received for their produce in July 2022.
Pig farmers issued aid payments up to €100,000
The latest financial aid support for pig farmers is aimed at incentivising a “necessary adjustment” for the Irish pig sector, the Department of Agriculture has said.
12 September 2022 Pigs
Irish pork granted access to South Korea in EU deal - but not poultry
Pigmeat from Ireland and 13 other EU countries has been granted access to the South Korean market.
5 September 2022 Pigs
Irish pork ‘least expensive at the moment’ – Australian importer
The Irish Farmers Journal spoke with an Australian importer of Irish pork who described its price as “very competitive” compared with that from other countries.
5 September 2022 Pigs
Largest EU pig processor faces climate claim court challenge
Danish Crown's branding campaign centred on "Climate Controlled Pigs" has been discontinued as it awaits court proceedings brought by vegetarian groups.
17 August 2022 News
Recommendation to end use of farrowing crates on pig farms
An opinion paper from the European Food Safety Authority could be used by the European Commission to inform pig welfare legislation.
17 August 2022 Pigs
Energy costs overtake labour costs on pig farms
Pig farms are facing yet another financial challenge as the cost of energy soars.
10 August 2022 Pigs
Deadline looming for Pig Exceptional Aid Scheme
The closing date for applications in the scheme with payment rates ranging from €3,000 to €100,000 is midnight on Monday 11 July.
8 July 2022 Pigs
Pig price of €2/kg secured - IFA
The IFA says that the pig price of €2/kg is far from breakeven and that farmers are still losing between €35 and €40 per pig sold.
29 June 2022 Pigs
British rule out foot-and-mouth disease following scare
The UK’s chief veterinary officer has determined that a suspected case of foot-and-mouth disease in pigs on a Norfolk farm is in fact swine vesicular disease.
25 June 2022 Pigs