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Russia turning wheat into a weapon of war
Justin McCarthy
A new environmental budget should be established outside of the CAP to reward farmers for delivering environmental dividends.
18 May 2022 Editorial
Protecting our brand image
We can point to numerous examples of where brands have been damaged, in some cases fatally, where the brand image sold to the consumer did not match the reality of the production system.
18 May 2022 Editorial
UK solo run threatens Brexit deal
Unsurprisingly the EU have rejected out of hand the idea that the UK would unilaterally change a negotiated agreement.
Editorial: change needed if forestry potential is to be harnessed
The forestry sector offers the potential to significantly increase income on Irish farms but we have been missing afforestation targets for years.
11 May 2022 Editorial
Editorial: comforting words that don’t mean much
The commitment of Government to protecting the livelihood of farmers when developing a pathway to reduce greenhouse gas emissions should be measured against its policies and not words.
11 May 2022 Editorial
Editorial: organics look like the only future for suckling
Looking beyond the current year, the Teagasc 2027 roadmap for suckling continues to question the economic benefits of operating at high stocking levels.
4 May 2022 Editorial
Editorial: EU cannot follow UK trade policy
The longer term reality is that the UK market will be progressively opening to Australia and New Zealand from later this year or early 2023.
4 May 2022 Editorial
Minister must come out of hiding on looming crisis
If the data from the Teagasc survey is reflective of decisions being taken across all suckler/beef and sheep farms, there is a real threat that we will see major market disruption in the months ahead.
27 April 2022 Editorial
Fishing sector schooling farmers
We continue to see no plan for what is widely accepted as the most exposed cohort of society – beef and suckler farmers.
27 April 2022 Editorial
Coillte plan illustrates need for broader vision
A growing number of stakeholders now believe that there is a need for a Forestry Development Agency (FDA) to address the current crisis.
27 April 2022 Editorial
Macron has work to do in EU as well as France
President Macron has been one of the EU leaders that demonstrated an understanding of the threat of war in Ukraine to food security.
27 April 2022 Editorial
Editorial: solar can deliver a good return on investment
We cannot ignore the relatively short payback time that catapults solar investment high up the list for a good return on investment.
20 April 2022 Editorial