Heifer calves on Richard Marshall’s farm in Omagh, Co Tyrone, are continuing to surpass liveweight gain targets.

The average age in the group was 7.5 months at their last weighing two weeks ago.

Target weight for this age is 225kg, but the group is well ahead, with average liveweight sitting at 266kg.

Liveweight gain

It means liveweight gain from birth is 0.99kg/day and compares to the target of 0.8kg/day.

Average figures can hide outliers, but almost all heifers on the Marshall farm are sitting above the target line.

The targets are set so heifers reach 350-400kg for breeding at 15 months of age.

This should allow heifers to calve down at two years of age with liveweight approaching 600kg.

The late spring meant youngstock were indoors for longer this year, with last year’s heifers getting out for the first time last week.


The heifers were getting concentrates at 3kg/head/day when housed and Richard has kept this up since they were turned out to grass.

However, with virtually all heifers weighing in above target, there is scope to cut back on meal feeding and eventually cut it out altogether.