How much did the average farmer spend on inputs in 2021?
Amy Forde
The Teagasc national farm survey reveals the average spend on inputs on farms in 2021.
A flexible system for heavy ground
A traditionally bred dairy beef heifer system suits the farm and land type of John Brosnan in Co Kerry. Declan Marren reports.
1 June 2022 Management
Beef Management: creep feeding weanlings- will it pay?
The latest tips and advice for drystock farms in this week's Beef Management notes.
Nitrates Action Plan: Monitoring and regulating nutrient use
New features include the introduction of a register for chemical fertiliser sales, increased inspections, mandatory use of LESS equipment for more farmers and a review of sewage/sludge management.
1 June 2022 Schemes
Almost half of farmers plan on reducing concentrates
Dairy farmers cited lower meal feeding rates as the primary factor in reducing milk output in 2022.
25 May 2022 News
What's causing butterfat to drop?
Aidan Brennan reviews some latest research on the factors involved in butterfat drop in spring and summer.
25 May 2022 Grass & feeding
Lower fertiliser usage risks fodder shortage
The best response from fertiliser in terms of grass growth occurs in May and June.
18 May 2022 Northern Ireland
Teagasc Athenry sheep open day set for 18 June
Farmers will have the opportunity to view technical presentations and participate in interactive workshops with Teagasc sheep specialists.
17 May 2022 News
Some steps to improve silage quality
Producing high-quality silage could save a lot of money this season, as fertiliser and concentrate costs reach exceptionally high prices.
Bales from surplus grass will be harder to come by
With the level of fertiliser applied to grazing ground forecast to be down by 50% on average, it is unlikely that there will be surplus bales from grazing ground to boost supplies.
Coming to terms with escalating input costs
The majority of farmers are not in a position to purchase similar volumes of fertiliser and with concentrate costs also increasing options are limited.
27 April 2022 Management
Listen: Inishowen EIP - putting cattle back on hill and flexible agroforestry
The Irish Farmers Journal went to the farm of James Breslin in Donegal, to see the actions he has carried out under the Inishowen Uplands European Innovation Partnership (EIP) scheme.
20 April 2022 Schemes