As we celebrate our women’s successes, the female leaders, creators, mathematicians, engineers and scientists, it is just as important to celebrate women’s creativity.

And there is a wide array of women who DIY, craft and upcycle, either for the fun of it or to earn an income.The women in this article are just some of the many out there that you might want to follow for some DIY inspiration.

Home décor

Clíodhna from (Instagram) does lots of DIY and upcycling interior projects. She makes fun DIY videos and Instagram stories showing her process, from what she used to general tips and tricks. From vibrant wall décor to DIY tabletops, there’s plenty of inspiration to be got.

From old make new

When you first look at Monica Benavidez’ blog and Instagram page, you think she has shopped in the most expensive interior shops worldwide. Actually, she buys all her interiors from secondhand stores or at low prices and then upcycles them to look classic and chic. This Latina, Texas-living lady will surely teach you to look at an object twice before passing it by.

Monica can be found on Instagram @monicabenavidez or read her blog here.

Kids DIY

Cintia, a DIYer from Melbourne, showcases all her crafts under the name My Poppet Makes. She has bucketloads of DIY ideas you can do with kids. Spend some time with your kids and tackle one of her DIY guides; she has something for all levels and interests.

Find her on Instagram under @mypoppetmakes or on her website

Sewing, knitting, crocheting

Jenna Phipps is from Canada and has a cool YouTube channel featuring crocheting, knitting and sewing. She has lots of beginner-friendly videos like how to make a bucket hat, swimsuit or shacket. She is also an avid thrift-shopper and made her own wedding dress out of thrifted fabric, as well as thrifted her shoes and jewellery for her big day.

You can find her YouTube channel here or follow her on Instagram @jennaphipps


American gem Marie Fradella loves to make stuff and share it with her audience, especially on her YouTube channel. She focuses mainly on making jewellery and crocheting. In her videos she explains exactly what you will need to make a certain DIY project and guides you through all the steps. She even makes crochet earrings!

Watch her YouTube channel MartianCreations

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