Creativity is a funny thing, because more often than not, we need a little incentive to get the creative juices flowing.

If you want to be more creative, but sometimes lack the motivation or don’t know where to even start, the creative prompt box might be able to help you with this dilemma.

The idea is to write creative prompts on pieces of paper. When you need a little inspiration or motivation, pick up a random (or organised, if you want to do it in order of priority) prompt card and create the idea written on it.

The creative prompt box, in the form of a camera, is your first step to making this process fun and creative. Get paper, paint and scissors – it is time to DIY!

Simple camera details: a display screen and a few buttons.

What you will need:

A match box

Paint (white and black)


The tin casing off a tealight candle


How to do it:

Step 1: Paint the matchbox black. Any paint will do, I used oil paint for mine. Alternatively, use black paper to wrap the matchbox. This will be the camera’s body.

Step 2: Paint the rounded top of the tealight candle tin casing black. You can paint the entire casing black, but I thought the contrast of the silver and black would look good. This will be the camera’s lens.

Step 3: Time to add the details. I used white paint to add the camera details and kept it minimal. I drew a display screen, some buttons and the flashlight at the front.

Step 4: Use liquid glue to attach the tealight casing at the front of the ‘camera body’.

Step 5: Write your creative prompts on some paper and put them into your camera box.

I decided to focus my creative prompt box on photography, but you can do it with any creative project you have in mind.

It’s like a fun wild card game, where you could get any creative project by the draw of a card.

A fun storage place for all your creative prompt cards.

For example, are you planning on doing more DIY? Break the projects down into different sections and have a creative prompt for each.

Some of the prompts I used for photography:

  • Recreate a metaphor.
  • Take candid street photos.
  • Shoot in black and white mode only.
  • Take photos of everything through reflections.
  • Three tips for writing creative prompts

    1. Be realistic

    Nothing will destroy your creativity faster than setting a goal you can’t achieve. There is a lot to be said for dreaming big, but you need to make those little steps first to get closer to that big dream.

    Focus on the little steps first. When you write creative prompts, make sure you have the time, can afford them and will be able to get the materials for them.

    2. Challenge yourself, but also stay in your comfort zone

    Balance is key. When you write your creative prompts, have some that challenge you and really make you do something you would not ordinarily do.

    However, always include creative prompts that you can do in your comfort zone as well to keep the motivation going.

    3. Dig deep and find inspiration

    The internet is filled with ideas for creative prompts on almost all creative topics out there, may that be writing, DIY, painting, photography and many more.

    Get some inspiration to get you started on planning and writing your creative prompts with a quick online search.

    You probably have your own creative ideas you have been meaning to do for a long time. Use this opportunity to really follow through on them – write those on your creative card prompts as well.

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