Climate and environment

Updated hedgerow removal rules to double replacement hedge length
Noel Bardon
Farmers who remove hedgerows will soon have to plant twice the length of the hedge they remove before proceeding with works.
8 August 2022 News
ACRES designed to ‘discourage people from farming’ – IFA
The IFA has described issues with a number of aspects of ACRES, calling for the scheme to be given an enhanced budget and greater flexibilities.
7 August 2022 News
BASF and Boortmalt to improve carbon footprint of barley
BASF and Boortmalt are working with 50 Irish tillage farmers to reduce their carbon emissions.
Some ACRES actions to exceed €1,000/ha
The Irish Farmers Journal can reveal the payment rates the Department expects to pay farmers for undertaking actions in the new ACRES.
5 August 2022 Climate and environment
Improving beef farm sustainability
Teagasc has released a checklist and guide to help to improve sustainability on beef farms, which can help the environment and farm profit.
5 August 2022 News
New ACRES actions revealed
The Irish Farmers Journal can reveal the environmental measures which will be available to farmers through ACRES.
3 August 2022 Climate and environment
Update on red clover and multispecies on Tullamore Farm
Multispecies and red clover crops were planted on Tullamore Farm in May and have been grazed once in July.
3 August 2022 Reseeding
More stringent measures likely if 25% emissions target is missed
The Irish Farmers Journal asked Ministers Eamon Ryan and Charlie McConalogue about the consequences of a failure by the agriculture sector to meet its emissions ceiling.
3 August 2022 Climate and environment
Emissions ‘profile’, not herd size, the main concern
Minister Charlie McConalogue said a cut in the national herd will not be necessary to reduce emissions from the farm sector by 25%.
3 August 2022 Climate and environment
Target still to come for land use and forestry
The EPA has submitted to Government a "refinement" to its reporting of the greenhouse gas emissions associated with land use, according to Minister McConalogue.
3 August 2022 Climate and environment
Farm measures to be voluntary but still no plan
The ag-climatise roadmap will be updated from "this autumn", spelling out what farmers must do to remain compliant with legally binding emissions reduction targets, the minister has said.
3 August 2022 Climate and environment
Farm renewables won’t contribute to 25% emissions cut
Officials at the Department of Environment and Climate say that emissions reductions delivered through farm renewables won’t count in agriculture’s 25% reduction for 2030.
3 August 2022 Climate and environment