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Back to school, back to the chopping board
Naomi Hamilton-O'Donnell
September is a busy month, and with colder weather on the horizon, simple but nourishing meals are a must for all the family, writes Naomi Hamilton-O’Donnell.
21 September 2022 Features
Stepping it up on our 21-day walking challenge
It’s week two of our 21-day reader walking challenge. Physiotherapist and health writer Stephen O’Rourke shares his advice for stepping up your challenge.
21 September 2022 Ask Miriam
Miriam: ‘only child’ comments hurt
Dear Miriam, how should I cope with hurtful comments about my only child?
Mindfulness: finding the value in life’s simple pleasures
Mindfulness expert Catherine Callaghan shares her tips for countering the stress of the cost-of-living crisis by finding the value in simple pleasures.
21 September 2022 Features
Women’s Irish Open: getting into the swing of it
As golfer Aideen Walsh tees up for the Irish Open, she chats to Anne O’Donoghue about getting into golf and the importance of having big competitions for aspiring young players to attend
21 September 2022 Around the country
Side-stepping waiting lists - surgery abroad
On a waiting list for a hip or knee replacement operation? The cost of surgery can be fully or partly reimbursed if you travel to Northern Ireland or to Europe.
21 September 2022 Health
Michaelmas: the harvest of the geese
Folklorist Shane Lehane explores the significance of the Michaelmas goose tradition associated with the end of September.
21 September 2022 Features
Rural healthcare: doctors under pressure
This week Margaret Hawkins looks at what has caused access to GPs to become a problem, especially in rural Ireland.
21 September 2022 Health
In the garden with Gerry Daly: Mexican sunflower
Gerry Daly discusses the Mexican sunflower, pendulous begonias and the jobs to get done in the garden this week
21 September 2022 Gardening
The Guest Book: the Comeragh Mountain Pods
Throughout COVID-19, the Quinlans admit they were like Mr and Mrs Pod, talking incessantly about pods but now they are putting the glam back into glamping in Waterford, writes Amii McKeever.
21 September 2022 Features
Restoring recipes to fight fatigue
Home Nurse Nessa Robins shares her favourite recipes to fight against fatigue.
21 September 2022 Recipes
Limerick set for Aisling's country concert
Glór Tíre winner for 2022, Tipperary’s Aisling Rafferty, will play a special acoustic country music concert in University Concert Hall, Limerick.
21 September 2022 Living Life