Features from the Irish Farmers Journal

IFJ Junior-Food safety will keep everyone happy
Ciara Leahy
Calling all you cooks! Whether you’re preparing food indoors or helping with the barbeque, follow these safety tips for tasty summer cooking, writes Ciara Leahy.
23 March 2022 Markets
Dairy Trends: prices push on further – even for cheese
Milk price at the farmgate continues to track upwards following commodity prices. However, the retail price is not yet matching the commodity price increases.
23 March 2022 Markets
February price positivity as all move up
The dry and sunny weather and improving milk prices have dairy farmers smiling as February milk cheques land into accounts.
External factors dictate the value of forest land
The value of forest land is dependent on factors beyond the owner's control including the granting of licences to plant and later to manage the crop, writes Donal Magner.
17 March 2022 Feature
Have ya any road frontage?
The more of your land that bounds a road - the famed road frontage that gives it site potential for housing development - the more it can increase the value. Or can it? Amii McKeever reports.
17 March 2022 Feature
Bovaer: the methane-busting feed additive coming to a farm near you
The owner of the feed additive expects to see the first use of Bovaer in Europe in the second half of 2022. Caitríona Morrissey reports.
15 March 2022 Feature
Rebound in full-year 2021 Glanbia results
Glanbia plc has released financial results of its full-year 2021 accounts and key numbers have improved compared with 2020.
3 March 2022 News
So you want to be a horse vet?
Not initially on the path to veterinary, Orla McGlynn discovered her calling to become a vet working her side-hustle student job.
27 February 2022 Feature
Winners show their mettle when everything is going wrong
Family farming and team sports have more in common than you might think.
19 February 2022 Feature
IFJ Junior: ‘Every weekend and any day I’m off school, I’d be over on the farm’
Conall Gantly is from Co Tipperary, but farms with his dad and grandad in Co Galway. He discusses life on the farm with Anne O’Donoghue.
18 February 2022 Feature
60% grant aid for solar 'should not be restricted by the €80,000 limit' - IFA
Minister for Agriculture Charlie McConalogue confirmed the 60% grant aid for solar in 2022 at the IFA AGM.
8 February 2022 Feature
Dublin Cattle Market: emergence of marts ends Prussia Street’s glory days
The Dublin Cattle Market was overtaken by the profound changes in the 1960s livestock trade, writes Declan O’Brien in the second of this two-week series.
12 January 2022 Feature