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Finance: The importance of succession planning and making a will
Sarah McIntosh
As part of our series on loss and grief throughout November, Sarah McIntosh discusses the financial and legal conversations we don’t want to have, but must start.
12 October 2022 Consumer
Not sure how to get the most out of your new smart meter?
What are the benefits of using a smart meter for your home or farm electricity? Will it save you money on your monthly bills? Janine Kennedy writes.
5 October 2022 Consumer
Little clarity for farming families from Budget 2023
In light of the 2023 Budget, what effects will energy price increases have on the average farming family? Janine Kennedy writes
Consumer: The increasing cost of rural hospitality
Rural hospitality business barely had time to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic before being hit with huge overhead increases. How will they manage over the winter?
28 September 2022 Consumer
Rural Ireland's seniors at high risk for experiencing energy poverty this winter
With the rising cost of living and a further expected increase in gas and electricity bills, it is a worrying time for rural Irish senior citizens.
21 September 2022 Consumer
What lies ahead for rural Ireland with energy price increases?
In the coming weeks, Janine Kennedy will be taking a close look at how energy increases will be affecting every day farming families, small businesses and rural organisations.
14 September 2022 Consumer
Finance: are you, or your kids, owed money from unclaimed flat rate expenses?
It has been suggested that budget 2023 could see changes to reliefs workers claim through flat rate expenses. Jerry O’Neill explains what is happening.
7 September 2022 Consumer
Finance: A farming family wonders should they sell their rental property?
Financial expert Margaret Nolan considers if the timing is right for a farming family to sell their rental property.
24 August 2022 Money Mentor
Consumer: switching current accounts
Ulster Bank and KBC customers will have to move their current account in the coming months. However, all consumers should be aware of the best rates on the market, to ensure you’re with the right bank
24 August 2022 Consumer
Consumer: what does the plastic cup levy mean?
Your takeaway cup of coffee could cost you 20c more by the end of the year, but bring your own cup and you won’t have to pay this new levy.
17 August 2022 Consumer
Family finance: making your money work for you and your family
Money to invest and paying family members – your finance queries answered by our financial experts Margaret Nolan and Jerry O Neill
10 August 2022 Money Mentor
Consumer- Back to School costs
Back to school costs including the ‘not-so-voluntary’ contribution fee continue to put parents under pressure, this year more than others, they are really feeling the financial strain, writes Ciara Leahy.
3 August 2022 Consumer