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Dairy Trends: supply still forcing buyers on to market
Jack Kennedy
With commodity dairy prices continuing to increase as milk supply remains tight, buyers are struggling to stand back from the market.
15 June 2022 Global trade
Milk price forecast stays high
With further supply restrictions on the cards in many European countries, as long demand remains high, it looks like milk price will stay at a higher level.
15 June 2022 Viewpoints
Ireland could have to enforce EU border
One Brexiteer recently described the NI Protocol as “a punishment the EU inflicted on the UK for Brexit," writes John Bruton.
Dutch ministers say some farms will have to close down
A much-anticipated meeting of the Dutch farming ministers late last week has left Dutch farmers shell-shocked and angry.
12 June 2022 Global trade
€1.5bn pig sector supports 8,000 jobs
For the first time the impact of the pig sector has been quantified. Jack Kennedy and Anne Finnegan report.
8 June 2022 Global trade
UK fresh or liquid milk prices rising slowly
The price of fresh milk in UK supermarkets is rising, but some UK retailers have re-tendered contracts in an attempt to keep prices down.
29 May 2022 Global trade
The Kerry board with nobody from Kerry
After the recent AGM of Kerry plc, the board has a different twist with no farmers present on the board for the very first time.
11 May 2022 Dealer
Markets calmer as supply scarcity continues
The dairy commodity business is on a record high and yet we see some downward pressure – what is happening?
11 May 2022 Markets
Bright future for milk prices
With dairy demand outstripping milk supply, Jack Kennedy went to London to the Dairy Industry Newsletter conference to hear the forecast for milk price for the next five years.
11 May 2022 Global trade
Dairy supply shortage to continue
The Dairy Industry Newsletter conference was on in London during the week and Jack Kennedy was over to soak up the messages.
8 May 2022 Global trade
Dairy Trends: GDT down a lot while PPI is up again
The Global Dairy Trade New Zealand-based auction took an unexpected dip this week, as prices crashed.
4 May 2022 Global trade
45% of manufacturers expect orders to decrease in next six months - CEMA
CEMA’s latest market trends report outlines that almost half of the companies it surveyed across Europe expect new machinery orders to decrease in the next six months.
20 April 2022 News