Dairy Cattle Management

Dairy management: preparing for the heatwave
Aidan Brennan
Aidan Brennan outlines some steps dairy farmers should be taking in advance of the heatwave later this week.
3 August 2022 Management
Dairy management: reseeding and buying fertiliser
Farmers need to be aware of what they are buying when putting in multispecies swards.
2 August 2022 Buildings
Skipping the Sunday evening milking
As milk yields begin to drop, skipping an evening milking might prove tempting to some dairy farmers.
Dairy management: is it too late to reseed?
As we head into August, Aidan Brennan looks at the implications of burning off ground for reseeding now.
1 August 2022 Management
Grass management: dealing with a grass shortage
Farmers in the southeast and parts of the midlands are struggling with soil moisture deficits, causing a big reduction in grass growth, writes Aidan Brennan.
30 July 2022 Management
Dairy Management: time running out for fertiliser
With six weeks left in the open period for spreading fertiliser, farmers should be making a plan for how much and when to spread.
27 July 2022 Management
Optimising milking time with parlour efficiency
With 33% of labour hours on dairy farms spent milking cows, milking and parlour efficiency are essential to the smooth running on farm.
26 July 2022 Buildings
Dairy management: tips when taking a holiday
With holiday season in full swing, Aidan Brennan has some advice for dairy farmers before they take their break.
25 July 2022 Management
Grass growth: when to start feeding supplement?
With grass growth rates slowing down, Aidan Brennan looks at when is the best time to start introducing feed.
23 July 2022 Management
New cow underpass streamlines grazing
David Clarke and his family recently completed works on a new underpass for their livestock procurement company, Cows.ie.
20 July 2022 Buildings
Dairy Management: grass growth and water supply issues
A look at the implications of poor grass growth and what farmers can do to improve the quantity and quality of drinking water for cows.
20 July 2022 Management
Dairy management: avoiding heat stress in cows
Aidan Brennan says that ample quantities of good, clean and fresh water is the best way to keep cows healthy during this hot spell.
18 July 2022 Management