NI Sheep Programme: Reseeding plans in Co Antrim
Kieran Mailey
Co Antrim sheep farmer Dermot McAleese is gearing up to reseed grazing and silage swards this summer.
20 April 2022 Management
NI Sheep Programme: making improvements to the grazing system
Improving grassland management has been a central theme on the programme farms. Kieran Mailey outlines some steps to improve grazing in the year ahead.
6 April 2022 NI Sheep Programme
NI Sheep Programme: few issues for mid-season lambing
This week, Kieran Mailey catches up with the programme farmers operating mid-season lambing flocks.
NI Sheep Programme: gross margins up 30% on lowland farms
2021 was a positive year for the programme farmers running lowland flocks.
23 March 2022 Management
Benchmarking – how the hill flocks did in 2021
Performance across the hill and upland flocks was positive in 2021, with higher farmgate returns cancelling out higher costs.
15 March 2022 NI Sheep Programme
Building the flock around a grass-based system in Armagh
Kate Kingan and Peter Mant hosted a virtual farm walk last Thursday, outlining how they aim to insulate their farm business from rising input costs. Kieran Mailey reports.
9 March 2022 Management
Northern Ireland Sheep Programme webinar: register here to view
The virtual farm walk takes place on Thursday 3 March at 8pm and visits Tynan Abbey Estate, where in excess of 500 ewes and an 80-cow suckler-to-beef herd are run on 222ha of grassland.
3 March 2022 News
Developing a sustainable production system
Tynan Abbey Farm, run by Kate Kingan and Peter Mant, is striving to develop a production system that best utilises the farms resources and labour availability and delivers a worthwhile margin.
23 February 2022 NI Sheep Programme
NI Sheep Programme: contrasting scanning performance for hill flocks
Barren rates remain stubbornly high despite farmers adopting a suite of management practices focused at improving conception rates.
23 February 2022 NI Sheep Programme
NI Sheep Programme: lambing starts on lowland farms
Lambing is underway on two of the lowland farms in the programme. Kieran Mailey reports on the progress so far.
16 February 2022 NI Sheep Programme
NI Sheep Programme: scanning and lambing preparations in full swing
With scanning being carried out, attention will be turning to managing ewes in the final weeks prior to lambing.
26 January 2022 NI Sheep Programme
Silage sampling – do you know what you are feeding your ewes?
The programme farmers have all had their silage sampled, helping to make best use of concentrates in the runup to lambing.
12 January 2022 NI Sheep Programme