Climate and environment
Conventional farming with nature in Midleton
Siobhán Walsh
Everyone has a role to play in reversing the farmland biodiversity crisis. Cheap food comes with a hidden cost and it can’t be just farmers who have to take responsibility for biodiversity loss.
29 December 2021 Climate and environment
Stop the lights and the wormers
Bruce Thompson is building the immunity of his herd in order to reduce his dependence on animal medicines and to improve biodiversity on his farm.
29 December 2021 Climate and environment
Challenges lie ahead, but farmers will adapt
Farmers adapt to challenges they face and this focus on sustainability shows two farmers doing exactly that.
Sustainability is good business
Little changes can make a big difference when it comes to making the farm business more sustainable.
30 December 2020 Sustainability
Testing leaf samples can solve problems with plant health and soil
Plants suffering from a deficiency are automatically not as strong and therefore are more susceptible to disease and less able to fight disease.
30 December 2020 Sustainability
Lime an essential tool in fertiliser use efficiency
Moving from low soil pH levels to optimum soil pH can result in a doubling of nitrogen use efficiency on grassland.
30 December 2020 Sustainability
Start the year as you mean to go on by soil sampling
The ideal time to take a soil sample is from late autumn to early spring, but in relatively dry conditions.
30 December 2020 Sustainability
You can now develop a crop rotation plan for your farm online
A new European soil health website – Best4soil – uses a database to identify risks from pests across 70 crops.
30 December 2020 Sustainability
Farmers need to step up their game and show the good work being done
The world is watching your social media feed and what you post can have a big impact on policy. Farmers need to bust the myths and provide the facts.
30 December 2020 Sustainability
Dramatically cutting nitrogen rates on a dairy farm in Co Kildare
Where this Kildare farmer was applying 24 units of nitrogen/ac to his grazing rotation he is moving to 10 units/ac.
30 December 2020 Sustainability
Tillage and dairy farmers working together can be a positive in farming's future
Forage agreements between tillage and livestock farmers can benefit all parties and free up land in the process.
30 December 2020 Sustainability
Sustainability must be understood to be addressed
As our industry aims to gain increasingly sustainable credentials, it is essential that all in the sector operate off of a single menu of actions, writes Mary Delaney of the Farmers Journal
6 May 2020