Getting ready for winter 2021 (if it comes)
Adam Woods
Adam Woods previews this week’s winter ready focus and takes a look at what farmers can do to prepare for winter.
17 November 2021 Winter Indoor Management
Generators: what type and how much?
Aidan Brennan takes a look at the options for emergency electricity generators for a farm setting.
17 November 2021 Winter Indoor Management
Top tips for parasite control at housing
Natascha Meunier, beef health check programme manager in Animal Health Ireland, outlines some key advice for managing parasites when housing animals this winter.
Quick action best in combating rodent infestation
Rodents will be starting to try and find sheltered cover and a feed source as weather deteriorates and nature’s feed source diminishes.
17 November 2021 Winter Indoor Management
Testing silage never more important
Adam Woods takes a look at testing silage in 2021 and why it was never more important.
17 November 2021 Grass & feeding
What is your cattle shed telling you?
Paying attention to conditions and cattle behaviour during the housing period can identifying a potential health or performance issue early. Kieran Mailey reports.
3 November 2021 Winter Indoor Management
Health and husbandry central to top lamb performance
The economics of finishing lambs indoors can quickly unravel where disease is allowed to establish or inferior animal husbandry is practised.
3 November 2021 Winter Indoor Management
Preparing for winter on dairy farms
Aidan Brennan outlines the importance of managing cows for body condition score and discusses some of the practicalities around selective dry cow therapy.
3 November 2021 Winter Indoor Management
Is a silage-only diet for store cattle an option this winter?
With rising feed costs, is there potential to offer store cattle a silage-only diet?
6 October 2021 Winter Indoor Management
Making the most of the feed on your farm
Winter performance does not have to be purchased in a bag- there is plenty of potential sitting on-farm already.
6 October 2021 Management
Preparing tillage farms for winter
Stephen Robb looks at some of the measures tillage farmers should take to get winter ready.
18 November 2020 Winter Indoor Management
Saving time to make time on part time farms
Ada m Woods takes a look at how part-time farmers can save some time around the yard during the busy winter months.
18 November 2020 Management